Thousands of children grow up in rural communities with no access to electricity, internet or adequate education. The Dikenaofeiyi community, located in Imo State, South East of Nigeria, is one of those places where most of the parents are illiterate and 75% of the families live below poverty line. There are two community schools in the area - St. Francis and St. Paul primary schools, but they both lack modern facilities and basic educational materials. Therefore, OWF decided to help setting up digital libraries in both of the schools from which 350 pupils and 60 teachers will benefit. 

The project aims to modernize the education process in the schools, to provide students with access to technology and motivate them to come to school regularly. Digital libraries will be set up in each school using solar powered tablets that are preloaded with various educational materials, including more than 800 text books and interactive educational games. Furthermore, special trainings will be conducted to ensure that all teachers and students know how to access and use the digital libraries. Digital literacy clubs will be also established for those who want to learn more and develop their skills. In addition, 15 scholarships were provided for out-of-school children who will be re-enrolled in the educational system.

We believe that the digital libraries will motivate and empower these children to continue their education while providing them with knowledge and developing their skills.