Following our successful campaigns at two educational centers in Uganda, OWF has provided computers and educational support to another center - this time in Cameroon. OneWorld Foundation will support the work of the Community Relief and Development Action Organization (COREDA). 

The project aims to reduce the gap in digital literacy between Cameroonian students and their European counterparts. Over 50 children in COREDA's educational and social center for orphans and vulnerable children will acquire basic computer skills. Computers and teaching materials will be purchased in order to facilitate the learning process in the center. 

We believe that education is the fundamental human right of every child and the best tool for poverty alleviation. However, mere literacy is not enough in today’s world driven by Internet technologies. An integral approach to education is, therefore, imperative to prepare the young generation for future employment. However, computers and communication technologies are still rare resources in Cameroonian schools and homes. Only a few public secondary schools in Cameroon have a computer lab. In primary schools, the situation is even worse.

 In private homes, computers can be found only in 2 out of 100 homes. Thus, there is a huge digital gap existing in the developing countries.Therefore, OWF decided to provide COREDA with 10 computers and the needed equipment, so free ICT classes can be carried out in the center.