OWF funded yet another project in Uganda focused on building a comprehensive support system for students by ensuring access to learning materials, providing sponsorship to orphans and children from vulnerable groups, organizing student tutoring classes and parent-teachers meetings. This project aims to enhance the quality of the educational classes offered through a sustainable train-the-trainers model. The after-school tutoring will concentrate on English language, Mathematics and science and will engage secondary students in helping primary students improve their academic performances.

Qualified teachers will supervise student mentors and the local volunteers to ensure they provide proper teaching support to the primary students. In addition, a special community reading room will be set up where academic materials and several computers will be free to use. Computer classes will be offered to students, parents and teachers and they will be taught how to access educational resources online. 

As well as that, other topics will be briefly discussed such as the right to education, health issues and the importance of entrepreneurship empowering girls to be self-responsible. 

The project targets school children aged 6-15 years. It is estimated that the direct beneficiaries of the project during the first year will be 150 children while during the second year their number will increase to 250 children. And last, but now least - the funds, provided by the OneWorld foundation, will be used to distribute scholarships to the 12 best performing students. 

More photos of our amazing students coming soon!