OneWorld Foundation has distributed scholarships to 10 children from Nepal through its local partnership organization. Our friends from the Sairam Foundation have appointed local Nepalese and Indian students and volunteers as coordinators and supervisors. Their tasks involve the choosing of recipients, keeping in touch with the sponsored children and their families, supporting the families involved, monitoring the development of the children and reporting to the Foundation regularly. The focus is on children of elementary/nursery schools whose parents cannot afford to provide them with basic education. On top of that, the Foundation strives to support them during their high school studies as well. 

Except covering for the school fees, the donation will provide the children with school materials and WakaWaka Solar lights. Power-cuts occur very often in Nepal which means that families and their children have no source of light during the night, this is why they are using dangerous kerosene lights. The WakaWaka rechargeable lights operate by collecting sunlight during the day and could provide up to 16 hours of light during the night. They can easily be hung up or attached to a bottle. Thanks to this amazing technology Liks, Safal, Ashis, Barsa, Ashok, Aman, Prasant, Sushmita, Bijay and Anisha will not stay in the dark alone ever again.

OWF will follow up with more photos and their school progress in the future.